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Identification resources
With thanks to Geoffrey Kibby for sharing many of these through his editorial in the Field Mycology journal (April 2017).
Ascomycete information and discussion forum.
Spanish site with images of many different species of fungi and myxomycetes found on the Iberian Peninsula.
Includes photographs and micrographs of various UK species, organised taxonomically.
Includes masses of information on European boletes. Maintained by a Bulgarian mycologist, Boris Assyov, but – very conveniently – the site’s content is written in English.
Keys published by the British Mycological Society and its members.

Includes Archie McAdam’s ‘Keys to the British Genera of Agarics and Boleti’.
Very accessible site with descriptions of many UK species, including information on how to identify them and helpful pointers to similar species.
A Beginners Guide to Earth Tongues by Irene Ridge.
German site with extensive information on the European Inocybe, including photographs of field characteristics and microscopic features.
Ascomycetes taxonomy website by Hans-Otto Baral and Evi Weber. Includes a link to systematically arranged photos and drawings of Ascomycetes.
Descriptions and photos of Russula and Lactarius species.
North American site developed by Michael Kuo. The keys are probably not to be relied upon for identifying European species, but the site is packed with useful and accessible information on mushrooms and mycology. Plus Michael Kuo can be very funny and is encouraging to read when you’re feeling like mycology is just too damn difficult.
A key to the Mycenas of Norway.
Mycological information site where you can download the MycoKey software – giving you access to a user-friendly visual key to genus, as well as access to all the Funga Nordica keys in .pdf format.
Waxcaps & Allied Fungi Guide by Paul Ardron, Ian Rotherham & Chris Percy.
Comprehensive information on the European Psathyrellaceae, including Psathyrella, Coprinellus and Coprinopsis, as well as the smaller genera in this family.

Fungus recording
The website of the British Mycological Society.
Searchable UK fungus records database maintained by The Fungus Conservation Trust
Searchable UK fungus records database maintained by the British Mycological Society.
New platform for the British Mycological Society’s Fungal Records Database of Britain & Ireland
Lost & Found Fungi project website with comprehensive information on the project’s target species
UK Species Dictionary

Recording in Sussex
Sussex Fungus Group
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre – the local environmental record centre for Sussex. They run a data request service which anyone can use to access information on sites and species in Sussex. There’s no charge for ‘personal interest’, academic use and research.
West Weald Fungus Recording Group

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